Seconde Euro SVT

Section européenne co-animée par Anne Menon et Jérôme Boscq

I- Introduction to the European section

Why English is so important in sciences ?

The scientific method

II- Germs on your hands ! What is the best: To use hydroalcoholic gel or soap ?


Expérience 1 and research report

Expérience 2and research report

III- Let’s study a unicellular organism : yeast

How to use the microscope

Yeast’s growth study

Yeast’s metabolism

IV- Escape game :

« you have been kidnapped by a crazy scientist obsessed with DNA … to escape you will have to solve enigmas… only the genetic code will help you to find out which amino-acides are associated with codons… in order to unlock the front door …»

V- Build your own science podcast

What is a podcast in science?

How can you podcast your work?

Try a scientific podcast

Create your own scientific podcast

VI- To go further in genetics :

• Introduction to heredity : DNA, Genes and chromosomes