The nervous system

I- Introduction to the nervous system

neuronelementary knowledge :

  1. Activity 1 : what is the nervous system for ?
  2. Activity 2 : What is the nervous system made up ?
  3. Activity 3 : Let’s sing !!

What is the nervous system for ?

The telegraph line


session1-introduction-to-the-nervous-system pdf ; visual-nervous ; session1vocabularypdf

Don’t forget to train your pronunciation here

II- How does the ankle jerk work ?

1- Activity 1 : the ankle jerk or achilles reflex

Watch the video about achilles reflex and after the reflex arc.

What do you know about it ?

Can you do a short summarize that explain which divisions of the nervous system are involved ?

Do it and then explain it to your neighbor. 

2- Activity 2 : the divisions of the nervous system

Watch the video and first focus on the scientific knowledge.

Then try to answer to the following questions :

  1. How many divisions can you 
  2. What is the CNS ? What is it made up by ?
  3. How many sets of nerves are there ?
  4. How many nerves are connected from the brain ? From the spinal cord ?
  5. What is the PNS ? Can you do a diagram to summarize all the nerves ?
  6. What is the ENS ? What is it for ?
  7. What are the functional divisions of the nervous system ? 
  8. Do a diagram as he did about the different parts of the functional system nervous and the try to explain it to your neighbor …

3- Activity 3 : Anatomy of the spinal cord

Use the microscope to see how the spinal cord is made up.

1) Where can you find the body of a sensitive neuron, a motor neuron ? Check your answer with your partner.

2) Then find and draw a sensitive neuron and a motor neuron.

How the ankle jerk reflex work ?

3) Caption the following diagram of the functioning of the ankle jerk reflex as much as you can. 


You can also caption it on the website :

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