Germs on your hands


Recent scientific studies have revealed the importance of microbes. Despite common misconceptions, most microbes are more helpful than harmful to humans and the planet. Bacteria are often perceived as bad, linked in our minds to infection or disease but the majority are in beneficial to humans. Along with other microorganisms (such as viruses and yeasts), bacteria are too small to see with the naked eye. They are, however, all around us. One way to reveal these hidden microorganisms is to grow them in an agar-filled petri dish (also known as an agar plate).

Watch the following video of National geographic and give the main ideas

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Vocabulary :

  • dwelling = habitation
  • ashes = cendres
  • lice = poux
  • crawling = rampant
  • strains of bacteria = souches de bactéries
  • belly button = nombril
  • stinky = puant
  • harmless = inoffensif

And do you have germs on your phone? No, of course, I’m very careful ’cause I always wash my hands !


which method is efficient for washing our hands? Washing with hydoalcoholic gel or with soap?

That’s what you are going to do in your following lab investigation !

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