The scientific method

1- Let’s introduce

Let me show you something… Could someone connect my lap-top to the video projector? Who wants to try? What kind of questions you try to answer?

2- the right order

Take the document of the steps of the scientific method and put them into the right order and then make a diagram.

3- What is the good definition ?

Give a definition of the scientific method

4- Analyze the text.

Make a summary of the text you have (« How does Biology work »)  

5- Which are the important expressions of this session ?

To make observations

To do experiments

To answer a question

To make an hypothesis, a guess

To prove an hypothesis

To test an hypothesis

To conduct a test

A test, a trial, a fact, a data, a value, a figure, a process, a control

To lead to something

To examine something

To develop an idea

To ask a question

To measure

To do research

A report

To analyze data

6- Let’s sing

  • Mr PAR

Mr. W’s Music Video

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