Basics in biology to begin : Cell

The foundations in biology laid in the classe of « Seconde » are absolutely essential if you want to go on to study much more « SVT », like to become a doctor or a vet. You need to understand that we’re building on this to take you further, especially for the speciality, since the aim of this speciality is to make you seriously real specialists in biology or geology.

I- Observing and understanding the cell

A- How to observe a cell?

1- First, watch this video about the microscope and how to use it

2- Take the quiz in the following link just to see if you’ve got it. :

Just to be sure of your technic : How to make a wet-mount slide? 

  • Collect a thin slice of your sample and place it on a clean, dry slide. 
  • Place one drop of water over your sample. 
  • Place the coverslip at a 45-degree angle with one edge touching the water and let go. 
  • Your slide is ready to be viewed.

Vocabulary to know : eyepiece, objective lens, nosepiece, coarse focus, fine focus, stage (or slide stage), slide, coverslip, drop

B- The cell structure

1- First, watch this video about the cell structure and understand what are the different organelles for

2- Take the quiz in the following link just to see if you’ve got it. :

3- Observe a cell with the biggest objective lens of the microscope, then take a good photo and then label it as much as you can.

4- What are the dimensions of a cell? How do you estimate or calculate them? Explain it to your neighbor.

Vocabulary to know and to understand very well : 

ABSOLUTELY : Cell, membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondrion, chloroplast, ribosomes, chromatin, chromosomes, 

TO BE MORE EFFICIENT  : Lysosome, endoplasmic reticulum (rough – or smooth), vesicle, Golgi apparatus

You have to recognize the organelles, of course, but above all, what are they for?

II- The wacky history of cell theory : a link to science education

Juste for you, it is a very good video  to understand your first lesson in science education  : The wacky history of cell theory (l’histoire loufoque de la théorie cellulaire)

TED videos

Complément : lien vers l’enseignement scientifique : Unité 1 : Une Structure Complexe : La Cellule Vivante :

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